”Just as your audiences speak various languages, so your corporate or brand identity must use a visual language to reach them.”

– Steven Fischer

What is an identity? It is the sum total of the name, the brand signature or logo, the design elements, editorial voice and the consistent presentation of meaningful attitude and approach.

A well-developed identity is one of the key pillars of any company or offering and must be built upon a solid brand platform.

Any complete identity system needs to have at the very least:

  •  A compelling and unique name
  • A brand signature mark system (logos, taglines, lock-ups, etc.)
  • A color system
  • Common typography
  • Photographic styling
  • Product naming and usage
  • Visual Identity usage guidelines

What is the difference between an Identity and a Brand Platform?

An Identity or Visual Identity System (VIS) is an expression of the brand. It’s a visual language or symbolic lexicon, if you will, that is used you present the deeper aspects of the Brand Platform. So it’s a set of elements and tactics to accomplish the goals, strategies and attitude — and is only a part of the overall Brand.

The Brand Platform is the philosophical and emotional foundation of the brand. It outlines the purposes, aspirations, promises, demographics and psychographic profiles and resulting name of the brand. The Visual Identity System further extends those ideas and manifests them visually.

For an example of a Brand Platform, complete with a Visual Identity System, see here.

The development of an effective Brand Platform and Visual Identity System are crucial steps in the creation and evolution of any successful company or offering. These steps accelerate any endeavor. They create and sustain momentum and resonance with the target audiences. If these steps are skipped or incomplete, they will hinder all marketing efforts. A well-wrought Brand Platform and VIS will propel efforts, create unity and will greatly help to foster culture.

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