• Created the branding architecture and packaging for several large lines of medical products (Medtronic Cardiovascular Division)

  • Designed and branded a highly successful family of video products (The Subliminal Synergy Series by Steven Halpern)

  • Created a successful launch campaign for a GE Moneybank credit card for the largest retailer in Switzerland

  • Created the identity and all branding for a major PC game company (Utimation, Inc)

  • Managed all production of a very busy advertising agency (Duncan-Channon)

  • Won an Icon Award and a Marcom Award for an online advertising campaign (Maxis Software's Crystal Skull game)

  • Created the identity and product packaging for a line of software that has been on the shelves, unchanged, for an unprecedented eight years (Playpro Bass Guitar and Playpro Guitar)

  • Art-Directed, created and illustrated a successful PC reference title (Mindscape's How Your Body Works2)

  • Created the identity, branding and catalog for a major cosmetics company (Jennifer Tara Cosmetics)

  • Created the current identy and masthead for Computer Gaming World Magazine

  • Created the brand architecture and product packaging for Sparkling Agave line of organic soft drinks