Offerings Architecture

”Grouping current and future products and services into logical systems from the very beginning is not only efficient — it saves time and resources moving forward.”

– Steven Fischer

Creating families, categories and clever naming systems for future offerings is invaluable.

Planning ahead and creating design systems for current and and future offerings is a step that’s often missed by newer companies. Unfortunately they may name and create the look and feel for a single offering at a time — only to find later that the ad-hoc development falls short.

It costs far more to rename and re-make offerings categories, online families and packaging systems than to plan them properly from the beginning.

We are experts at developing extensible offerings systems.

In many cases a line of one type of product or service will need an entirely different approach from other offerings. The audiences may even be entirely different. We create strategies and design systems that make adding offerings a plug-and-play process.

We’ve created and managed many offerings systems for our clients — from organic foods packaging families to categories of services to shipping and point of sale systems,

From photo styling to the naming of products to club packs to various packaging systems, we will develop solutions that make adding new products and services easy and inexpensive. This protects you from the typical future-shock experienced by your competition.

For an example of an Offerings Architecture system, see here.

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